Create a Pondless Fountain

by Jesse Khong, Pondless fountains are not only low maintenance, but also ideal for shady locations where the need of sunlight is not crucial as there are no fish or aquatic plants. This… Continue reading

Growing Bananas

by Jesse Khong Bananas are herbaceous plants (plants that die down to the soil level at the end of the growing season). They are one of the oldest plants in cultivation and native… Continue reading

Growing Bamboo

by Jesse Khong Bamboo is a woody grass and one of the fastest growing plants on earth. There are over 1400 species of bamboo growing from sea level to over 14,000 feet (4300… Continue reading

7 Ways to Display Air Plants

by Jesse Khong Air plants (Tillandsias) not only make great housewarming gifts, but also wonderful tabletop decorations for offices, parties and weddings. They are extremely low maintenance (please see my post “Air Plants… Continue reading

Burundi Inspired Lentil Soup Recipe

by Jesse Khong Once a month, my fiancé and I get together with a few friends to share and enjoy our new cooking recipes. We always have a designated country from which most… Continue reading

Air Plants Care

by Jesse Khong Tillandsia (commonly known as air plant) is a genus of over 540 species from the family of Bromeliad. It is native to Mexico, Central and South America, and the southern… Continue reading

Growing Dahlias

by Jesse Khong Dahlia is a perennial plant native to Mexico, Central America and Columbia with very showy flowers. Soil: Grows in well-drained soil. Loosen up soil in garden & add chicken manure… Continue reading

Outdoor Entertaining

by Jesse Khong, As summer is in full swing, my fiancé and I have been hosting and attending so many parties. I figure it is time to present you a post about outdoor… Continue reading

Day & Night in the Garden

by Jesse Khong These photos are the results of a test drive of my newly purchased pocket camera, Cannon Power Shot SX260HS ($299 from Costco). I find that my other Cannon camera is… Continue reading

Growing Iris

by Jesse Khong, Although I have never considered flowers as the focal points of my garden as they just simply do not thrive due to the lack of sun in my backyard, I… Continue reading