Growing Dahlias


growing Dahlias

Dahlia is a perennial plant native to Mexico, Central America and Columbia with very showy flowers.


Grows in well-drained soil. Loosen up soil in garden & add chicken manure and compost (use potting soil for containers).


Bury tubers horizontally 4” to 6” deep in mid-April through May when ground temperature is approximately 60 F. degrees, 15 C. degrees. Protect young plants from snails and slugs.


Wait for sprouts to appear above the ground before watering the buried tubers. For extremely hot climate, water very lightly after planting. For containers, keep soil a little damp, but not wet. Established plants need more water (deep watering 2 to 3 times a week).


Plant in full sun (at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day). In extremely hot regions, morning sun and afternoon shade might be needed. Less sun means taller plants and less blooms.


Stop watering and cut off plants in November when leaves are blacken by frost; only leave about 6”, 15cm of stems. Leave tubers in the ground for a week or so and dig up the clumps (keep as much dirt around each clump as possible). Store the clumps in cardboard boxes in a cool but not freezing location until next year. If planting in containers, move them to a dry area to avoid tuber rot from rain.

pink Dahlia flowers