7 Ways to Display Air Plants


Air plants (Tillandsias) not only make great housewarming gifts, but also wonderful tabletop decorations for offices, parties and weddings. They are extremely low maintenance (please see my post “Air Plants Care” for more information). Here are a few ways in which I decorate with air plants. Please feel free to let me know which one is your favorite look.

1. I purchased some delicious Thai frozen dessert in a coconut shell from an Asian supermarket and recycled the shell for this look. A bamboo runner from Pier 1 Imports also enhanced the Southeast Asian style.

2. A large wine glass vase from Ikea with a few pebble stones created this clean and modern look. This also makes a stylish and affordable wedding table centerpiece.

3. A few simple river stones paired with a beautiful air plant created this natural look.

4. I picked up these driftwood pieces from a stream and created this beautiful display for a buffet table at one of our parties.

5. Bamboo poles and air plants make a stunning display.

6. An interesting serving plate also works well to showcase air plants.

7. I saved this piece of tree trunk from my sister’s fire pit and created a base for it out of some leftover construction wood in the yard. I then glued a few tree bark pieces to the trunk to create holders for the air plants. I do not glue the plants directly into the trunk, so it is easy for me to switch the plants around, add new plants and remove them for watering.