Banana Fruiting

by Jesse Khong,  Musa Cardaba (Saba banana) I purchased a small Saba banana plant (Musa Cardaba) from Lowe’s in 2010 and repotted it in a 20 gallon container. It has been growing very… Continue reading

wine barrel fountain

by Jesse Khong, Half wine barrel Container fountain pump LED fountain lights – optional Mosquito repellent – optional Pond conditioning solutions – optional Building bricks It is best to select a newly discarded… Continue reading

Making Hypertufa pots

by Jesse Khong, Hypertufa pots are very popular because of their natural stone appearance, weightlessness and porous quality. Hypertufa is an imitation of natural tufa, a variety of limestone. Mixing Protect yourself by… Continue reading

Growing Elephant Ears

by Jesse Khong The exotic appearance of the Elephant Ear leaves always attract attention and turn any dull corner of your garden into an exciting display. Since I have a few species of… Continue reading

Affordable ideas for container garden

by Jesse Khong Have you ever wondered why do nurseries charge so much for garden planters? Large planters are not only expensive, but also hard to find. In this article, I will show you how to use household… Continue reading

Zen vs. Tropical

by Jesse Khong In an attempt to find images for this blog, I looked through many old garden photographs during the past weekend and was somewhat surprised to see how much my garden has… Continue reading

Bamboo Fountains

by Jesse Khong In my humble opinion, water features play a very crucial role in tropical garden design. A well designed water feature could become the soul and spirit of a garden. I always love the calming sound of… Continue reading

How to build a vertical garden

by Jesse Khong, Supplies: Wood panels (do not use compression wood panels as they have copper that might be harmful to your plants). Vinyl sheet (available in fabric & craft stores; I purchased a few yards… Continue reading


Welcome to; My name is Jesse Khong. I hope you find the information posted on my website both informative and entertaining. Since I started my garden in 2009, I have visited hundreds of garden blogs… Continue reading