Banana Fruiting


 Musa Cardaba (Saba banana)

I purchased a small Saba banana plant (Musa Cardaba) from Lowe’s in 2010 and repotted it in a 20 gallon container. It has been growing very rapidly from April through late September in the last 2 years. Even though we had a very mild past winter, the frost eventually killed all the leaves. So I cut off the dried leaves and left the 15 feet tall trunk, which was quite strange looking for a few months. By late April of this year, I was quite happy when it started to produce new leaves again, and by mid-May, it began the fruiting process. What a nice surprise, as it is very rare for banana to yield fruits here in the Bay Area. My friends used to tease me that they would sneak into my garden and hang some plastic banana fruits on my plants just to see my reaction. Since I might be able to harvest the fruits by late September, I should invite my friends over for a fruit harvesting party. It is natural for a banana plant to die after bearing fruits, so I might as well cut down the trunk then. As a growing cycle of banana, new plants (suckers) usually grow around the root base when the mother plant bears fruits (I have 3 new growths so far). Please view my post, “Growing Bananas” for further information.