Zen vs. Tropical


Elephant Ear banana bamboo in tropical garden with Buddha statue at night

In an attempt to find images for this blog, I looked through many old garden photographs during the past weekend and was somewhat surprised to see how much my garden has changed in the last 3 years. My little backyard has gradually evolved from a peaceful Zen garden into a lush tropical mini rain forest. You can view the changes in every collage image shot at the same location in different times. My sister expressed that she preferred the Zen look, but I like them both. Feel free to let me know your opinions.

banana Bird of Paradise palm in California tropical garden

I added palms, banana, Bird of Paradise, Elephant Ear Alocasia & Lily of the Nile to enhance the tropical look.

Thai Asian garden statue with bamboo water fountain

I obtained this Thai princess statue from Tuesday Morning. It is also available at designtoscano.com

banana Gunnera Chilensis in California garden

I purchased the colorful lanterns and the bamboo water wheel fountain from Vietnam while I was there on vacation in 2010. The red Ensete Maurelii banana plant grew into that size in just one season.