Bamboo Fountains


In my humble opinion, water features play a very crucial role in tropical garden design. A well designed water feature could become the soul and spirit of a garden. I always love the calming sound of the traditional Japanese bamboo spout and stone basin fountain. Thus in the last two years, I have created many fountains using mainly natural bamboo. Some of these fountains no longer exist in my garden. After all, how many fountains can one have in his or her backyard?

This Japanese deer scarer fountain, which I purchased from Orchard Supply, provided me with very good knowledge of fountain structure and design

river stones & rocks in garden with aquatic water plants

As much as I love Japanese stone basins, they are just way out of my budget, so I took the alternate route by obtaining a 9 gallon plastic tub from Orchard Supply. I then bury it and camouflage the edge with natural stones. If you want to grow a water garden, make sure to select a sunny site. This will provide a healthy growing environment for your plants.

cheap gardening idea for water garden

I purchased a bamboo birdhouse from World Market and converted it into this fountain.

afordable DIY idea for water garden

I received this beautiful planter as a gift and turned it into a fountain with bamboo poles and flagstones.

cheap DIY garden idea

I created this pondless fountain by burying a plastic tub with a lid in the ground. You can obtain any storage plastic container with a lid. Choose a  container with shallower height, so it is easier to bury. I drilled hole in the lid, so the water could drain and place some bricks inside the tub/container to support the large stone. The smaller bamboo pole not only functioned as a supporter for the larger pole, but also housed the tubing that drew water from the tub.The long bamboo pole gave an illusion that the water came from somewhere else.


Since most of my fountains are small in size, I used small fountain pumps that are available in most hardware stores and some clear plastic tubing (make sure to match the tubing size to your pump).

For instruction of how to install a pondless fountain, please visit my post “Create a Pondless Fountain“.